About Us
Do you need total gear solutions? Do you need to keep your world in motion? Golden Gear is the answer. For more than two decades we influence many types of industries. We are successful gear manufacturing supplier to many businesses around the globe. Our professional staff deliver high quality products and services that many companies depend on. We are ready to accept any challenge that is required by the customer. Our goal is providing more economical and more reliable solutions for your business. 

All of our gears operate with an exceptional reliability reducing noise levels and transmitting
more torque. By using appropriate materials and producing gears with challenging geometry
we involve innovations, speed and quality to meet the customers' needs and expectations
and at the same time lower the customers' cost for the total gear production.
Our expertise and support is always there when needed. Production capabilities range
from small to middle size of gears in the field of sports equipment gears, pump gears,
speed-reducer gears, gears for power tools and gears for remote control models. Golden
Gear solutions include cutting, grinding, hobbing, skiving,testing and varieties of heat
treatment to almost any specification or type required.

Golden gear dramatically reduces production time with solutions that have been developed
throughout the years in the gear manufacturing process.All those advantages bring you
more customers and business.

We continue to revolutionize the gear production to meet the future challenges for better
precision, profit and performance. If your project involves gear production then Golden
Gear is the right choice for you.  

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