Golden Gear Machinery is fully outfitted with a wide range of sophisticated
equipment in order to achieve high levels of machining capabilities for the
production of high precision gears.
We are specialized in design and manufacturing of precision gears and
serve the needs of a variety of industries that
require precision gears and shafts for many kinds of applications.
Our strength is in our service dedication to meet or surpass our
customers' quality and schedule requirements.
This is accomplished by having experienced personnel, technical
expertise and modern machinery and equipment.
Golden Gear Machinery team will work closely with you to ensure the finest,
custom-made results and produce quality gears to your specifications.
As with all our custom gearing services, our highly-skilled staff work hard to
satisfy even the most exacting customer requirements.We look forward to
serving your precision gear needs. Please contact us for further information.
We understand and share your commitment to quality.
To insure that all gear products are manufactured to industry quality standards,
Golden Gear follows guidelines established by International Organization for
Standardization (ISO).
In addition, Golden Gear management processes have been certified ISO 9001:2008.
In-process inspection takes place constantly as components are manufactured.
Our skilled inspectors have a close cooperation with the machinists and document
inspections in an environmentally controlled inspection laboratory.
The temperature and the humidity level is held appropriately to insure consistency
in all measurements.
Our standards go beyond the average, that's why we inspect the parts we manufacture
using the most sophisticated equipment available. Our CNC gear inspection capability
assures compliance with customer's specifications.
Golden Gear state-of-the-art machining ensures quicker turnaround and the highest
quality customised components for your application. We want to be the easiest to do
business with, among all the suppliers our clients have.
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